Ultra compact, Fully-rugged, Efficient, Four-sided Cooler


Cools adjacent modules on all four sides


Vapor phase or Active Coolers for sub-ambient cooling


Dual high-efficiency, rugged, sealed-bearing fans


Temperature sensing speed control


  • Ultra compact rugged cooling for X9 systems 
  • Only 6”x4.75”x2” and 2lbs.
  • Ultra efficient Vapor phase change Radiator
  • Peltier cooling for sub-ambient cooling
  • Cools on all four sides of the system
  • Efficient heat transfer to the fins
  • Dual efficient sealed fans with tachometer
  • SMB Interface to Host system
  • Shock, Temp and Tamper proof Sensors
  • Power surge and spike power conditioners
  • Single +20VDC power operation


  • Fully-sealed, submersible and conduction cooled
  • Stackable, modular, interlocking enclosures (pat. pending)
  • Rugged “QuadroLock™” wedgelocks secure systems together or in a separate chassis (pat. pending)
  • Ultra-small, fully rugged “Smart” 100W power connector with ultra-low EMI (pat. pending)
  • Self-retaining dust caps for each I/O connector
  • Removable fan filter for replacement and cleaning


  • Mounting plate
  • Dust/EMI filters
  • Rugged Levels 1-5


The X9 Cooler module is a unique patent pending cooling solution designed to cool an array of X9 modules in a system. Its unique interlocking fins mate directly on all four sides (top, bottom, and both sides) with other X9 systems thus it cools four adjacent systems at the same time. The QuadroLock™™ (patent pending) wedge locks assure a tight, low thermal resistance path to all attached X9 systems.

The X9 Cooler comes in two versions, Active cooling or Passive cooling. In extreme environments where the ambient temperature is so high (40°C+) regardless of airflow, the temperature rise cannot be avoided. In these applications the X9 Cooler utilizes active Peltier cooling module which cools all four sides to sub-ambient temperatures. The heat from these active coolers are removed to the outside via efficient Vapor phase change heatsinks with fins which are cooled with two high speed sealed fans with variable speed and tachometer.

The onboard controller measures the temperature of each side of the X9 module as well as the ambient temperature to cool each side as needed for optimum power utilization. The fan speeds are also controlled, with Tachometer feedback to assure proper operations. The data from each sensor and fan are communicated to the Host CPU by SMB.

For less demanding environments and temperatures, the X9 Cooler can be ordered without active cooling to lower the Host’s fin temperature closer to ambient temperature.

The X9 cooling is the ideal solution for UAV and applications where the chassis does not provide cold plate cooling.


  • SWaP-E:

    World’s smallest, fully-rugged Cooler

  • Size:

    6” x 4.75” x 2”

  • Weight:

    2.1 lbs.

  • Power:

    Configurable to 100W or less “no Power Delivery”
    110/220 VAC (60 Hz) option available

  • MIL-STD:

    MIL-STD: MIL-STD-810, MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-461, 
    DO-160, optional MIL-STD-704

  • Temperature:

    Operates over extended temp -40°C to +85°C


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