Ultra compact, fully-rugged 2KW Smart Power Supply


2KW Power supply with MIL-STD-1275 vehicle power


UPS backup power support with Super Caps or Extended power with Lithium Ion batteries


Connect to dual X9 Hosts at 700W each and six X9 Targets at 100W each


Direct one-to-one connection with Smart Power


  • Highest SWaP high-performance Rugged Power Supply

  • Only 6” x 4.75 ” x 2” @ 2lbs.

  • Up to 2000W to power eight X9 systems

  • Supports two Hosts at 700W each

  • Supports six Targets at 100W each

  • Isolated power delivery to eliminate ground loops

  • Full MIL-STD-1275 vehicle power operation

  • Over-/under-voltage and reverse polarity protection

  • Remote shutdown from host

  • Ultra-fast response, fault detection and shutdown

  • Power surge and spike power conditioners

  • Voltage, Shock and Temp sensors

  • Eight tri-color LEDs for status and messaging 


  • Fully-sealed, submersible and conduction cooled

  • Stackable, Modular, Interlocking enclosures (pat. pending)

  • Rugged “QuadroLock™” wedgelocks secure systems together or in chassis (pat. pending)

  • Ultra-small, fully-rugged “Smart” 700W power connector with ultra-low EMI (pat. pending)

  • Self-retaining dust caps for each I/O connector


  • Support for external UPS via batteries or Super Caps 

  • 50ms/hold up with Super Caps

  • 500 watt-seconds with Super Caps for safe power-down

  • External UPS with Lithium Ion batteries with
    85 watt-minutes (1.4 watt-hour) 

  • Mounting plate

  • Rugged Levels 1-5


The X9 Power Supply system is a breakthrough in power supply design and functionality. It provides the highest power density in the market, with 2000W in a mere 57! (6” x 4.75” x 2”). This incredible power is designed to power two X9 Host CPUs each with 700W of power as well as six Target modules with 100W each.

The X9 Power module is configured with two identical internal power supplies. Each provides 1KW of power and independent power input and outputs for total redundancy and flexibility. Each internal 1KW power supply is capable of providing vehicle power (MIL-STD-1275) with over- and under-voltage, and reverse polarity protection as well as spike protection.

The six target power outputs (three per power supply) are ground isolated, thus each system ground is not connected to other Targets’ ground. This eliminates system ground loops and provides reliable remote operation without the need for external ground cables.

When only one internal power supply is required (One Host and three Targets), the other portion of the modules may be equipped with 50ms hold-up Super caps or with 500 Watt-seconds for orderly shutdown. Each section of the X9 Power is equipped with SMB to communicate with each Host or Target X9 systems to provide remote shutdown. The X9 Power also supports an external UPS with Lithium-ion batteries which provide 85 Watt-minutes. This UPS feature allows the user to keep the entire X9 system alive for “brown out” conditions and eliminate power backups for each X9 host or target.

Perhaps the greatest technological advancement of the X9 Power is its packaging and connector design. The Dual Clamshell design assures the best cooling of each device internally and provides outstanding isolation. The X9 Power does not have any wires internally thus eliminating any radiation to the Host via cables and EMI interference. The connectors are fully sealed and waterproof (IP67) and provide power directly to the Host like NO other connectors in a shell size zero.

The X9 Power is an extremely versatile, powerful power supply with many features that have never been available in the rugged market at any price or size.


  • SWaP-E:

    World’s smallest, fully-rugged Storage Device

  • Size:

    6” x 4.75” x 2”

  • Weight:

    2.1 lbs.

  • Power:

    Configurable to 100W or less “no Power Delivery”
    110/220 VAC (60 Hz) option available

  • MIL-STD:

    MIL-STD: MIL-STD-810, MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-461, 
    DO-160, optional MIL-STD-704

  • Temperature:

    Operates over extended temp -40°C to +85°C


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