Ultra-Compact, Fully-Rugged Worstation System with Vast I/O and Removable Storage


Commercial Rugged I/O Connectors


Fully-sealed removable storage 2.5" SSD, 2x M.2, NVMe™ or SATA


Dual Thunderbolt™ 4 w/100W power each


12 Expansion sites 9x M.2, 3x ExpressMini


  • Highest SWaP high-performance Rugged Workstation

  • Only 6”x4.75”x2” @ 2lbs.

  • Thunderbolt™ 4 Target with daisy chain

  • Connects directly to X9 Host CPU without a power supply

  • Provides up to 100W downstream power

  • One 2.5” removable SSD with Tamper sensor

  • Support for NSA approved encryption SSD

  • Support for NVMe™, SATA or dual M.2 SSD with RAID 

  • 10GBase-TX port with sealed RJ-45 connector (pat. pending)

  • One sealed DisplayPort with 8k support (patent pending)

  • Support for up to 9 M.2 and 3 Express Mini I/O modules

  • Two high density rugged, sealed I/O connectors

  • Five USB-C ports with power

  • Eight antennas/BNC connectors to the SAM I/O

  • Power surge and spike power conditioners

  • Voltage, Shock and Temp sensors

  • Eight tri-color LEDs for status and messaging 

  • Single +20VDC operation


  • Fully-sealed, submersible and conduction cooled

  • Stackable, modular, interlocking enclosures (pat. pending)

  • Rugged “QuadroLock™” wedgelocks secure systems together or in a separate chassis (pat. pending)

  • Fully-rugged high speed 40 Gbps connectors (pat. pending)

  • Ultra-small, fully rugged “Smart” 100W power connector with ultra-low EMI (pat. pending)

  • Connectors for 10GbE, RJ-45, mini DisplayPort, Five USB-C, Dual Mil-Circular and SAM I/O

  • System I/O, 4x Antennas, 4x Coax video 

  • Self-retaining dust caps for each I/O connector


  • Mounting plate

  • Low cost connector

  • Copper/Fiber cables

  • Removable Drive Bay

  • NSA Secure Drive

  • Rugged Levels 1-5


The X9 Workstation I/O (WSIO) is an integral function of the X9 system architecture. Whether on battlefield, lab, or command and control stations, a user interface is needed. A user interface with features such as Displays, Network, Input Devices, Local dedicated secure storage, and custom application specific I/O are needed. Further, those I/O ports must accommodate over Industry standard connectors, yet be rugged, sealed, dust and waterproof to withstand the Rugged environment for years of reliable operation.

The X9 WSIO is connected to the Host computer via a Thunderbolt™ 4 interface and may be powered directly from the Host up to 50 meters away. Further, these WSIO workstations may be Daisy Chained to an unlimited number of stations.

The WSIO provides two Thunderbolt™ 4 ports for Daisy Chain and for user I/O and system expansion. The user interfaces are one 10GBase-TX via a sealed RJ-45 connector, Mini DisplayPort, Five USB-C (3.2) ports each with 10Gbit/s Data transfer, and up to 15W (5V @ 3A) of Power Delivery to the peripherals. All of the X9 WSIO connectors are fully sealed with GMS’s cable assemblies and provide a rubber cover to seal the connectors when not in use.

The X9 WSIO also provides one U.2 storge device. This device may be a 2.5” NVMe™ drive, SATA, 2x M.2 or a secure NSA approved SSD. This removable drive may be encrypted and can be easily removed to archive the data.

The X9 WSIO also provides a vast array of expansion I/O. It provides up to twelve expansion sites for additional I/O and sensors.

The X9 WSIO provides up to six M.2 (3042) for larger I/O modules such as 5G cell modems, dual MIL-STD-1553 and many others from GMS or a third party. Additionally, three M.2 (2242) and three Express Mini sites are provided for I/O such as NTSC video capture, Video out, Dual 1GbE, GPS, Wi-Fi®/BT and many more. Visit GMS website for all SAM (Special Application Modules) available from GMS.

The X9 WSIO may be powered by the Host via the Thunderbolt™ 4 or powered with external +20VDC power via Smart Power™ (patent pending) connector for safe, Ultra Low EMI and IP67 waterproof.


  • SWaP-E:

    World’s smallest, fully-rugged Server Computer

  • Size:

    6” x 4.75” x 2”

  • Weight:

    2.1 lbs.

  • Power:

    Configurable to 100W or less “no Power Delivery”
    110/220 VAC (60 Hz) option available

  • MIL-STD:

    MIL-STD: MIL-STD-810, MIL-S-901, MIL-STD-461, 
    DO-160, optional MIL-STD-704

  • Temperature:

    Operates over extended temp -40°C to +85°C


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