1U and 2U sizes: Available conduction-cooling (no fans) Available 38999 mil-circular connectors


Rugged, Expandable, 1U/2U 16 Inch Intel® Scalable Xeon® Servers


- Dual Intel® Scalable Xeon® CPUs up to 24 cores (Platinum/Gold)
- Compact rackmount NAS: up to 168 TB (20x U.2 plus 2x M.2)
- Field-deployable Artificial Intelligence co-processors, data mining engine, vector processor
- Air-cooled with COTS-type or optional 38999 mil-circular connectors
- Only 16-inch deep short rack saves size, weight, power
- Up to 2 TB total DDR4 ECC DRAM
- Up to 6 PCIe Gen 3 add-in slots
- Up to 5, 4-drive removable cartridge (SAS/SATA/NVMe)
- Up to 22 SSDs (SAS/SATA/NVMe)
- Opal 197/FIPS-140 secure SSDs with H/W write-protect/secure erase
- Optional RAID or Intel VROC for NVMe
- 2x 1/10 GbE and optional dual 10/40 QSFP+
- Dual-redundant PSUs in only 1U, up to 2000W
- Rack or standalone mounting options
- Optional SecureDNA™ zeroize and SourceSafe™ BIOS (Note: BIOS erasure may be destructive and requires RMA to GMS.)
- Intel vPro, Trusted Execution Technology, AES-NI, zeroize, VTx, plus BMC and TPM

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    Compact, rugged “Goliath” servers are only 16-inches deep and are designed for harsh environment use where rack or free-standing space is at a premium. Ideal for airborne, ship-based, or battlefield-mobile installations, “Goliath” brings both exceptional network-attached storage (NAS) with field-deployable AI processing (over 220 TFLOPS), plus rackmount processing and flexibility to defense applications in a very small footprint. Each server uses two of Intel’s second-generation Scalable Xeon® processors, up to 24 cores each (embedded, Gold/Platinum SKUs) with up to 2.0 TB total system memory (ECC, 2933 DDR4). GMS recommends Nvidia V100 Tesla co-processors, but Nvidia TITAN V (Volta) accelerators are a lower cost option. 1/10/40 GbE is available (dual 1/10 GbE is standard), and there are up to 22 SSDs in “Goliath”.


    The SAS/SATA/NVMe drives are installed in five removable cartridges for easy, secure transport and system de-classify. Dual internal 2280 M.2 drives are used for OS boot or protected application software. Hardware RAID is standard for all SAS/SATA drives, and Intel VROC or RSTe software RAID is available for all 20 NVMe U.2 SSDs. The front panel drive bays can accommodate four-drive cartridges and one bay can also accept GMS “B Drive” modules for application-specific I/O such as CANbus, ARINIC-429, or HD-SDI video.


    Unique features in the overall “Goliath” 1U/2U server family are the short rack depth of only 16-inches, dual GPGPU accelerators such as Nvidia V100 Tesla artificial intelligence / data mining cards (2U only), a DVD R+W or Blu-Ray unit, removable cartridges in lieu of individual SSDs, dual redundant power supplies in both 1U and 2U, and the GMS zero-charge NRE modification policy. For example, both “Goliath-X” (1U), “Goliath-NAS” (2U), and “Goliath-AI” (2U) can be lengthened to add MIL-STD-704 power hold-up (via supercaps), an auxiliary power unit battery, or an additional two (in 1U) or four (in 2U) extra add-in slots. Alternatively, mil-circular 38999 connectors can be substituted for COTS-style connectors (depth will increase slightly).


    Designed for value-conscious rugged applications and built with GMS RuggedDNA™ design methodology, all “Goliath” servers are air-cooled using GMS-proprietary “TwoCool™” fan control. The server uses our proven egg-crate ruggedization technique that stiffens the chassis to provide exceptional shock and vibration for a rackmount server. A 3-year warranty is standard, along with GMS’s made-in-America end-of-life component monitoring and long-lifecycle sustainment policy. Custom versions can be developed with full programmatics and certifications.


    - COTS connectors or 38999 mil-circular (increases depth)
    - Nvidia V100 or TITAN V vector/math artificial intelligence accelerators (GOLIATH-AI)
    - 2x PCIe Gen 3 slots (GOLIATH-X)
    - 3x PCIe Gen 3 slots (GOLIATH-AI)
    - 6x PCIe Gen 3 slots (GOLIATH-NAS)
    - Two M.2 SSDs (internal)
    - Dual 1/10 GbE ports
    - Optional dual 10/40 GbE QSFP+ cages (inserts for 1/10/40)
    - BMC with IPMI and 1 GbE port
    - 2x USB 2.0 and 2x USB 3.0
    - VGA for console video
    - Dual-redundant 500 W PSUs (GOLIATH-X)
    - Dual-redundant 2000 W PSUs (220 VAC) (GOLIATH-NAS/GOLIATH-AI)
    - DVD or Blu-Ray player
    - Front-mount or side rails (fixed or sliding)
    - Optional dual GMS “B-Drive” I/O in lieu of SSD(s)
    - GMS FlexIO™ panel for user-customized options
    - Extended chassis depth for: MIL-STD-704 hold-up/APU and up to 2 more PCIe slots


    SWaP-E: Short rack server with unmatched density in one footprint

    Size: 2U x 16-inches deep

    Weight: As low as 10 lbs.

    Power: As low as 400 W

    MIL-STD: MIL-STD 810G, MIL-STD-1275D, MIL-S-901D, DO-160D, MIL-STD 461E and IP60 compliant (Optional separate MIL-STD-704F AC PSU with 50 ms hold-up)

    Temperature: 0 °C to +55 °C
    -20 °C to +55 °C (Optional)

    Ruggedness: Available in ruggedization levels R1-R2


    Height 1U 2U 2U
    Depth (COTS connectors; deeper by 3” w/ 38999 MIL) 16 inches
    Processors (24C max with "embedded" SKUs 20C max in 1U with dual-red. 500W PSUs) Intel® Scalable Xeon® Gold/Platinum; Up to 20C max Intel® Scalable Xeon®, Gold/Platinum, up to 28 cores (non-embedded SKU)
    # CPUs 2
    # UPIs 2, between CPUs
    Compute architecture Workload-balanced, flow-through data: HPC, SMP, NUMA
    Max memory/CPU (2.0 TB/CPU with select SKUs) 1.0 TB/CPU
    # DDR4 DIMM Slots up to 2933 MT/s (w/ECC) 8/CPU
    Add-in cards (RAID requires 1 slot; 40 GbE requires 1 slot) 2 (DVD reduces by 1 slot) 6 3
    # x16 (FLHH) slots (See optional extended chassis below) 1 3 1
    # x8 (FLHH) slots (omit DVD)
    Note: For AI, Slot 4 can be enabled in lieu of Slot 5 as factory option
    1 3 (x1 slot covers one x8) 2 (x1 slot covers one x8)
    PCIe speed: 8 GT/s, Gen 3 PCIe Gen 3
    Max number of SSDs (incl. 2x M.2 2280) 6 22
    Removable SSD cartridges w/RAID (RAID reduces one x8 PCIe slot) 1 5
    # M.2 slots 2x 2280 (x4 and x2)
    # SSD hot-swap slots, 7 mm max (SAS/SATA/NVMe) 4 (4 in single cartridge) 4x in lower tier (4 in single cartridge)
    - 16x in upper tier (4 cartridges; requires RAID card)
    External storage (optional, requires 1 slot) eSATA, 4x Mini-SAS HD
    Intel VROC software RAID (key is required, RSTe is optional) Yes (excludes M.2)
    Hardware RAID 0,1,10,50, other (Required for SATA/SAS drives) Yes (uses FLHH slot)
    Ethernet Service port (copper, 1 GbE) 1 for BMC
    Ethernet (copper, 1/10 GbE) 2
    Ethernet (fiber, 1/10/40 GbE) 4x QSFP+
     (copper, fiber inserts)
    4x QSFP+
     (copper, fiber inserts)
    8x QSFP+
     (copper, fiber inserts)
    Ethernet (fiber, 1/10/40 GbE) (add-in card uses one HHFL slot
    1/10 GbE requires adapter cable with insert)
    2x QSFP+ (copper, fiber inserts)
    Optional Nvidia® co-processing GPGPU for vector apps,
    AI or data mining (Tesla V100 or Titan V, dual-slot)
    0 2 (double-slot, up to 250 W/slot)
    (requires power management)
    USB 2.0 (rear) 2
    USB 3.0 (rear) 2
    DVD/Blu-Ray (front) 1
    VGA, 2D video (rear) (+ KVM video redirection up to 1080p) 1
    BMC with Ethernet port (rear) 1 BMC with dedicated 1 GbE port
    Optional Audio Mic In/Stereo Out
    Optional General purpose I/O 8 GPIO
    Optional Serial ports (RS232/422/485) 1
    Dual-redundant PSUs; 80_Plus Platinum; For 110VAC, 2U PSUs
    are 1000 W/110VAC or 2000 W/220VAC each
    2x, 500 W each 2x, 2000 W each (Requires 220VAC)
    # Optional B Drive I/O modules 2
    Cooling Convection-cooling GMS TwoCool™ fans
    Connectors COTS/commercial-style or optional 38999 MIL-SPEC
    Optional SecureDNA™ Zeroize, Status, SourceSafe™ BIOS (Note: BIOS erasure may be destructive and requires RMA to GMS.) Yes
    Temperature, standard 0 to +55C
    Temperature, optional (excl. add-ins) -20C to +55C
    Optional chassis extension options Increased power supplies; APU
    hold-up; 2x FHFL add-in slots
    Increased power supplies; APU hold-up;
    4x FHFL add-in slots
    Optional FlexPanel™ I/O customization Consult factory






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