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Micro-Server Class Systems

PB100x Processor ModuleMICRO-SERVER CLASS SYSTEMS balance the vectors of server-class multi-core CPUs running many virtual machines, with the lowest power per cubic inch. Slotted between workstation class (“desktop”) CPUs and high-end Xeons used in cloud, enterprise, and rackmount systems, Intel’s Xeon® D CPU is the micro-server processor of choice for deployed MICRO-SERVER SYSTEMS.

These rugged box-based systems use powerful multi-core Intel® Xeon® D processors and incorporate up to 64GB of DDR4 RAM, vast amounts of standard and custom high-speed I/O, and are highly modular to fit the requirements for air-, ground- and sea-based environments.

Distinguished by up to 16 cores and 32 virtual machines per CPU, GMS MICRO-SERVER SYSTEMS can provide solutions for applications that require functionality beyond the typical embedded computer such as: multi-channel HD-DVR, FPGA integration, high-end graphics processing, and secure virtualization, among many others.

These systems offer standard I/O interfaces such as 1 Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Ethernet, the newest NVMe PCIe drives, SATA 3 at 6 Gigabits/sec, USB 3.0, and much more. The GMS MICRO-SERVER SYSTEMS also provides the widest selection of storage configurations, from fully-sealed 2.5” removable NMVe/SATA SSDs, mSATA for on-board storage, and a removable storage canister with up to 16TB! Panic, zeroize and secure erase are server-class features found in all of GMS’s Micro-Server products.

MICRO-SERVER SYSTEMS are ideal for embedded computing applications with moderate-to-high CPU needs but require conduction cooling. All GMS Micro-Server products are intended for long-term defense and industrial programs which require extended roadmaps for technology upgrades (Pre-planned Product Improvements, P3I). MICRO-SERVER SYSTEMS are based on a foundation of 18 years of development and production of small, rugged computing systems for this industry, and have roadmaps out to 2026.

"CROW II" S2002-LC

Rugged, Low-Cost, Small, Lightweight Server with Intel® Xeon® D and Removable Drive


Two Fully Isolated Rugged Servers, each with Intel® Xeon® D and Removable Drives


Rugged Intel® Xeon® D Server with Extreme Video System and Removable Drive


Rugged Server and NAS with Intel® Xeon® D and Removable Drive Canister


Rugged, Low Profile Server-in-a-Box with Intel® Xeon® D, Multi-Port Switch and Removable Drive


Rugged, Low Profile Server with Intel® Xeon® D and Removable Drive