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Workstation Class Systems

PB100x Processor ModuleWORKSTATION CLASS SYSTEMS are designed to meet more demanding applications where powerful multi-core processors with up to 32GB of RAM, vast standard and custom high-speed I/O, and a high degree of modularity are required from a system designed for maximum power dissipation of 75 watts or less. These systems offer standard I/O interfaces such as PMC/XMC, and Special Application Modules (SAM™) for highest efficiency I/O, as well as high-speed I/O such as 10Gigabit Ethernet, SATA 3 at 6 Gigabits/sec, USB 3.0, DisplayPort/embedded DisplayPort, and much more. The WORKSTATION series also provides the widest selection of storage configurations, from fully sealed removable nDrive™, mSATA for on-board storage, 2.5” fixed/removable SSDs to a removable canister storage with up to 8TB! The WORKSTATION engines are also available in the RuggedView™ display series for applications that require powerful smart displays with modularity and extensive functionality. This series contains the widest product offering, and can provide solutions for applications that require functionality beyond the typical embedded computer, such as multi-channel HD-DVR, FPGA integration, high-end graphics processing, and secure virtualization, among many others. WORKSTATION systems are ideal for embedded computing applications with moderate-to-high CPU needs but limited cooling options for long-term defense and industrial programs which require extended roadmaps for technology upgrades. WORKSTATION systems are based on a foundation of sixteen years of development and production of small, rugged computing systems for this industry, and have roadmaps out to 2022.

Kaby Lake (7)

Intel® Xeon®E3

Broadwell (11)

Intel® Core i7™

Haswell (10)

Intel® Core i7™

Ivy Bridge (3)

Intel® Core i7™

"FALCON" S1201

Rugged, Value-Priced Small Workstation with Intel® Xeon® E3, USB Type-C, Thunderbolt™ 3 and Removable Drive


Two Fully Isolated Rugged Servers with Intel® Kaby Lake-H Xeon® E3 and 4K Video Output


Rugged, Low Profile Server with Intel® Xeon® E3 Workstation CPU and 4K Video Output

"SEAHAWK" S1202-C4

Rugged, Multi-Display NAS with Intel® Xeon® E3 Workstation CPU and Removable Storage

"CROW" SB1102-LC

Rugged, Low-Cost, Small, Lightweight, High-Performance System


Rugged, Small, Extreme Video System with Removable Drive(s)


Rugged, Small, 12-Port Intelligent Router System with Removable Drives(s)


Rugged, Small, High-Speed I/O System with Removable Drive(s)


Rugged, Small, Dual, Fully Isolated Systems with Removable Drives


Rugged NAS, Removable Storage with Ultra-High Insertion Cycles

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