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Small Form Factor Systems

Systems that Match Performance to Your Program’s Packaging Requirements
As rugged systems requirements become more demanding, it is crucial to have the ability to select different packaging options in order to achieve optimal results. GMS, which continues to define the industry’s direction in the design and manufacture of board and system-level products, has taken the lead on this concept with three series of system offerings that comprise the very latest in embedded computing technology.

General Micro Systems' small form factor computer systems are targeted for applications where traditional VPX/VME/cPCI ATR packaging (card cage, power supply, fan trays, etc.) can not be considered due to size, weight, cost or other limiting factors.   They also pack the highest performance with the lowest power consumption in the smallest package possible, making them a responsible choice for space constrained applications. All of our systems use only embedded devices to provide long life cycles, and to withstand harsh environmental conditions for MIL/Aero applications - meeting MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-1275D, MIL-STD-901D, MIL-STD-461E, DO-160D and IP67, to name a few.

Mobile Class Systems

Mobile Class Processing Power

Micro-Server Class Systems

Server Class Processing Power

Xeon D

Server Class Systems

Enterprise Server Class Performance

Broadwell-EP, Ivy Bridge-EP

Latest Products


Rugged, Small, Dual, Fully Isolated Systems with Removable Drives


Rugged NAS, Removable Storage with Ultra-High Insertion Cycles


Rugged, Low Profile, High-Speed I/O System with Removable Drive

"CONDOR" SB1102-R4

Rugged, Small, High-Speed I/O System with Quad Removable Drive(s)


Rugged, 4-Channel HD-DVR Recorder with Removable Drive(s)


Rugged, Low-Cost, Small, Lightweight System 


Rugged, Small, Secure Virtual Machine System with Removable Drive(s)


Rugged, Six-Way, Secure Virtual Machine Server


Rugged, Six-Way, Secure Virtual Machine With 18 Port Switch, RAID and APU


Rugged, High-Performance Server with Commercial PCI Express I/O Expansion

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