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SAM™ I/O Modules

Since the inception of the single board computer (SBC), users and suppliers have been faced with a major challenge regarding how to satisfy the I/O needs of a system using a common SBC platform in order to minimize inventory and increase functionality. These needs have led to many standard and non-standard solutions that provide the SBC with expansion I/O sites and allow the user to pick and choose which I/O subassemblies will be added to the SBC.  A few such I/O modules are Industry PAC (IP), PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC), and Express Mezzanine Card (XMC).

General Micro Systems' approach to this expansion has led to many innovations in the industry, including the SAM™ technology. SAM™ modules, unlike PMC/XMC, provide over 90% space efficiency. They also provide the same functionality of the I/O mentioned above in a 30mm x 51mm, which is less than 1/7th of the space of a PMC/XMC. Therefore, with the same amount of real estate as a PMC/XMC, a GMS system can provide six independent I/O expansion sites at a lower cost than a single PMC/XMC site.

Below is just a sampling of SAM™ I/O modules that are offered. Custom configurations are also available.

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