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Fully Sealed, Keyed, Removable SSDs

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- Fully sealed and optionally submersible unit (IP67)
- Hardware keying for up to 16 unique combinations
- Unique interconnect to the host for high shock and vibration environments
- High number of insertion/desertion interconnect technology
- SATA 3 interface for high-speed read/write data speeds
- Available in MLC and SLC technology
- Secure-Erase, Write-Protect, and Tamper-Proof security (optional)
- Available with up to AES-256 bit encryption (optional)
- Utilizes industry standard mSATA modules for availability and compatibility
- Available up to 1TB in MLC
- Ultra-small packaging, only 2.6” x 3.6” x 0.26”
- USB docking station for ease of data retrieval with USB 3.0 interface (optional)

nDrive™ Details

The nDrive™ is a solid state drive (SSD) designed to address the inherent design issues associated with standard SATA SSD drives. While the standard 2.5” SSD drives are the predominate choice for laptop and embedded applications where the drive is not removable, it's not a good choice for removable applications. The interconnect for commercial SSD drives are neither designed for over a handful of insertions/removals without damaging the interconnect, nor is it reliably functional under vibration. Further, as the flash memory density has increased vastly in the last few years, the need for drives with capacities greater than 1TB for embedded applications are rare, thus the 2.5 inch form factor is a big waste of valuable space in small form factor systems. The need for smaller form factor drives promoted the mSATA drives and other standards, even smaller than mSATA.
The nDrive™ is a solution provided by GMS to address the innate issues with 2.5” SATA drives, while still leveraging the mass market of mSATA. The nDrive repackages the commercially available mSATA in a rugged, fully sealed, IP67 (optional) enclosure. The nDrive™ provides the conduction cooling for the mSATA as well as a rugged interconnect, which allows several hundred insertions (optionally 5,000 insertions) without damaging the interconnect and it is capable of withstanding extreme vibration without failure. Furthermore, it provides keying for each drive (up to 16), thus each drive can be inserted in its right location for multi-drive applications.
The nDrive™ may be ordered in multi-level cell (MLC) for extreme cost effectiveness and reliability or in single-level cell (SLC) for applications demanding even greater reliability. Additionally, the nDrive™ supports hardware write-protect (WP), secure-erase (SE) and tamper-proof  (TP) protection, which can erase the content of the SSD upon activation if opened or removed by unauthorized personnel. For added security an optional AES-256 encryption is provided so the flash devices on the mSATA are fully encrypted for ultimate safety.
The nDrive™ once removed from the system is fully sealed and may be submerged up to 3 meters under water without damage to the drive. An optional USB reader may be used to connect the nDrive™ via USB 2.0 or 3.0 to download the data at desired speeds.