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Manufacturing Structure

building computing engines

General Micro Systems is primarily a “design and prototype” business, choosing, since our inception, to stay out of the rapid changing mechanical, hardware, and software manufacturing realm.

The decision to abstain from in-house manufacturing eliminates huge capital investments in manufacturing equipment alone, especially because nearly every 3-5 years the production technology becomes obsolete. To mitigate this, GMS partners with multiple contract manufacturers (CMs) around the globe who are capable of truly dynamic manufacturing, meaning that they can rapidly increase or decrease production to any level from individual systems a week to thousands, in order to fit our requirements. This system can be referred to as a “virtual manufacturing capacity,” shrinking to do very little production at a time when business is slow and increasing in proportion to high demand.

Because we choose not to invest in ownership of manufacturing equipment, we have the flexibility to produce on demand, expanding or contracting promptly without financial consequences. This allows GMS to stay focused on its core technology, which is to develop computing engines. Our customers benefit from this elasticity in virtual manufacturing capacity because it maintains a concerted effort with their clientele’s demand, as well. As their business fluctuates, we can fluctuate with them. As our business fluctuates, our CMs fluctuate with us.

product testing

GMS has production capacities that need a full range of flexibility, therefore it’s imperative that we have the freedom to pick and choose our manufacturing requisites in order to meet a complete range of price points and International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) requirements. This is made possible through our vast pool of contract manufacturers, whether our needs are met through domestic manufacturing or they are met through offshore production, we can always accommodate for economical and sensitive demands. Regardless of which company we choose to employ to meet specific needs, we have created a system where every one of the products that comes through our doors is met with a level of sophisticated testing in order to ensure efficiency.

General Micro Systems performs all of our thermal cycling internally and every product that we ship is 100% functionally tested with a state of the art inspection and analysis. So, although our core competency is design and development, we are still able to guarantee assurance in the manufactured products that we employ through in-house testing.

The marriage between GMS’ core intellectual property knowledge and our contracts with external manufacturers has proven, for over 35 years, to be a well-oiled machine. We are continuously able to meet the needs of our customers through a malleable, truly dynamic manufacturing system, without the threat of harsh financial consequences.

Business Development

General Micro Systems Headquarters, Rancho Cucamonga, California, U.S. A.

General Micro Systems has been profitable since its inception because we have seamlessly increased business at a steady growth rate. We are an “S” corporation that is privately held in California and Florida and in 35 years, GMS has neither seen an annual net loss, nor have we had any short or long term debt.

Once strictly focused on board level products, GMS made a natural progression into system level production (i.e. our mobile, workstation, micro-sever and server class). Now as a new market emerges in the form of smart displays, our innovative RuggedView™ product line has materialized through our newly formed branch called the Applied Technology Group (ATG). General Micro Systems has also evolved our system level products into a full array of rugged switches and routers, as well as rugged servers, and we are becoming a premiere market provider for these applications. Because our core processor technology persistently finds itself in new, emerging market segments, GMS has consistently been positioned for growth.  The reason for this is because, as opposed to other companies that repackage commercial PC’s into rugged “boxes,” we create our systems to be rugged from the ground up and from the inside out, offering complete reliability even in the harshest environments.

Another reason why General Micro Systems' computing engines are in high demand is because defense contractors and private businesses do not want to take a chance developing the processor technology themselves, hence, they employ a reliable, well established company like GMS to provide systems with proven longevity and dependability. Part of what makes us stand apart from other computer manufacturers, though, is our unique relationship with Intel®, which grants us early access to Intel® technology before it’s available to the general market. Thus, we are able to develop products long before they’re released, providing our customers with extended life support on the latest technology. Between our Intel® insight and our organized infrastructure, we are able to offer aggressive pricing, even in comparison to newly developing offshore markets.

General Micro Systems’ engineers have more expertise on board level design than any other company in the industry, explaining why Intel® handpicked our developers to be among the few to receive early access to new technology. Our electrical engineers do 100% in-house hardware development, employ state of the art tools for design simulation, and perform rapid prototyping for flex cables and cable assemblies. Further, General Micro Systems has a full mechanical design team with carbon fiber expertise, as well as 3D printing and mold design capabilities.

GMS does not contract out any of our software writing; 100% of software development is created in-house. We are experts in operating systems and are partners with key Linux® suppliers such as Red Hat® and MontaVista®, to name a few. We are a Microsoft® developer partner and we produce all of our Windows drivers internally. Our engineers are specialists in real time operating systems, such as Wind River® (Vx-Works™), we build board support packages (BSP) in our lab, and we are moving toward Android™ on selected platforms to support the emergence of mobile applications.

American Megatrends

Perhaps one of GMS’ most unique software capabilities is our BIOS development. We have been an American Megatrends® (AMI) partner for over 20 years and own all of the necessary licensing for our core BIOS’, thus we are able to quickly modify and write to BIOS to meet our customers’ specific requirements and, in most cases, at no cost. GMS’ products all come complete with system health monitoring (SHM) in order to observe and report a system’s condition, as well as a baseboard management controller (BMC) which is an intelligent, stand-alone hardware that monitors the functionality of a system and reports potential failures long before harm. Further, GMS’ hardware includes active management technology (AMT) that assists users in remote management of the system (even when powered down) and allows IT personnel to view screen operations down to the BIOS level.

GMS’ products are rapidly expanding into emerging market segments because we are a trusted name and we have provided tailor made systems that are safe, reliable, and highly efficient for over 35 years. As industries continue to grow and greater pressure to produce innovative computing engines and applications develop, GMS will likely already be ahead of the curve because of our proven predisposition for success.

GMS Approach

Systems that Match Performance to Your Program’s Packaging Requirements
As military systems become more sophisticated, it is critical to have the ability to select from different packaging options in order to achieve the optimal result. GMS, which continues to define the industry’s direction in design and manufacture of board and system-level products, has taken the lead on this concept with a series of three system offerings that comprise the very latest in embedded computing technology.

GMS systems are targeted for applications where traditional VME/cPCI ATR packaging (card cage, power supply, fan trays, etc.) may not be considered due to size, weight, cost or other limiting factors. GMS systems pack the most performance for the lowest power consumption in the smallest package possible. All of our systems use only embedded devices for long life cycles and to withstand harsh environmental conditions -- for Mil/Aero applications meeting MIL-STD 810-F, 1275 and DO-160, to name a few.

GMS has divided its systems into three series for easy identification: GREEN, BLUE and ORANGE. Each series is targeted for a specific power and performance envelope, thus offering OEM system engineers a wide range of performance, heat, price and ability to upgrade.

Green Series Systems - 15W Max

GREEN SERIES SYSTEMS are designed to be the smallest, lowest-power, and lightest weight. These computers utilize ultra-low-power consuming CPUs and support devices to achieve total system power usage of 15 watts or less. The latest GREEN systems incorporate the Intel® Atom™ Bay Trail quad core processor for the best performance to power ratio of any CPU on the market - with up to 8GB of RAM, high-speed I/O and limited expansion for custom I/O functions. These systems support a wide range of functionality from Power over Ethernet (PoE), Gigabit Ethernet, USB 3.0, DisplayPort, embedded DisplayPort, fully sealed removable nDrives™ and more. GREEN SERIES systems are ideal for UAV and hand-held applications, where weight and heat are the primary considerations. The GREEN SERIES Engines are also available in the RuggedView™ display series for applications that require low-power and low-cost smart display solutions.


Blue Series Systems - 75W Max

BLUE SERIES SYSTEMS are designed to meet more demanding applications where powerful multi-core processors with up to 32GB of RAM, vast standard and custom high-speed I/O, and a high degree of modularity are required from a system designed for maximum power dissipation of 75 watts or less. These systems offer standard I/O interfaces such as PMC/XMC, and Special Application Modules (SAM™) for highest efficiency I/O, as well as high-speed I/O such as 10Gigabit Ethernet, SATA 3 at 6 Gigabits/sec, USB 3.0, DisplayPort/embedded DisplayPort, and much more. The BLUE series also provides the widest selection of storage configurations, from fully sealed removable nDrive™, mSATA for on-board storage, 2.5” fixed/removable SSDs to a removable canister storage with up to 8TB! The BLUE SERIES engines are also available in the RuggedView™ display series for applications that require powerful smart displays with modularity and extensive functionality. This series contains the widest product offering, and can provide solutions for applications that require functionality beyond the typical embedded computer, such as multi-channel HD-DVR, FPGA integration, high-end graphics processing, and secure virtualization, among many others. BLUE systems are ideal for embedded computing applications with moderate-to-high CPU needs but limited cooling options for long-term defense and industrial programs which require extended roadmaps for technology upgrades. BLUE systems are based on a foundation of sixteen years of development and production of small, rugged computing systems for this industry, and have roadmaps out to 2022.


Orange Series Systems - 175W Max

ORANGE SERIES SYSTEMS represent a brand new concept in system engineering that GMS is pioneering. These systems in this series are designed with server class Intel® Xeon™ chipsets that support 10-Core server class processors, and include up to 128GB of ultra-high-performance memory.  With a power envelope of 175 watts, ORANGE systems provide extensive I/O capabilities, such as PMC/XMC, Special Application Modules (SAM™) for highest efficiency I/O, SamVideo™ for ultra-high-performance graphics, as well as high-speed I/O like 10Gigabit Ethernet, SATA 3 at 6 gigabits/sec, USB 3.0, PCIe Gen3, and many more. ORANGE systems are ideal for headless network servers or virtual machine systems hosting six to eight independent operating systems "images", each with a specific mission. Each “image” may have its own bootable drive or share one drive array, RAID or NAS. These systems are designed to save a significant amount of power/heat, weight, and complexity, and significantly reduce costs of installation, daily operation and technology upgrades!

System Support
GMS utilizes a wide range of system support products just to ensure system interoperability and low power/size restrictions. These I/O subsystems, such as 1553, ARINC, CANBus VME or cPCI air/conduction-cooled systems, are fully integrated at GMS and supported by us. With 30+ years of industry experience, GMS has the internal and external resources to develop any system based on GMS core Computing Engines.

Custom Solutions
At GMS we truly believe that each OEM customer’s needs are unique and in order to provide the best technical and economical solution, a degree of customization is required. Unlike other suppliers that discourage customizations, GMS welcomes opportunities to modify the standard product to meet the customer’s EXACT requirements, while lowering the price, increasing the reliability and lowering the power consumption on every project.

Traditional Products
GMS has been in the business since the beginning of the industry and has long been an innovator of SBCs for VMEbus, CompactPCI bus, CPU carriers and conduction-cooled products. A solid background of knowledge makes it possible for GMS to engineer the most reliable computer boards, and gives us the ability to meet the highly sophisticated needs of the industry as it changes.

Core, Xeon and Atom are trademarks of Intel® Corporation; SAM and SamVideo are trademarks of General Micro Systems, Inc.

Quality Statement

Proudly Designed and Manufactured in the U.S.A.

General Micro Systems, Inc. promises innovative, quality products and excellent customer service, as reflected in our Quality Policy:

“We at GMS are fully committed to providing products that conform to our customers’ requirements the first time, every time, all the time by continuously maintaining a quality improvement process that achieves total customer satisfaction.”

In order to do this we have embedded an awareness of quality in our organizational processes at all levels, per total quality management (TQM). Through management review of our quality management systems, we continually improve our processes, products and services to satisfy our customers’ changing needs.

To conform to our customers’ requirements for product longevity, both availability and support, GMS designs our computing engines using mobile and low power processor technologies from Intel® Intelligent Systems Group (ISG), and server processor technologies from Intel® Data Center Group (DCG). These processors technologies come with guaranteed availability of a minimum of seven years.

GMS has been registered and certified to internationally recognized ISO 9001:2008 since 1999. With our growing involvement in military and aerospace programs, our quality system exemplifies the highest standard of AS-9100C, assuring that we maintain consistently high standards that allow General Micro Systems’ products to meet and exceed the growing quality requirements of the aerospace, medical and military markets. For example, we provide separate product lines for RoHS and non-RoHS to support different customers’ requirements. Because our ultimate goal is customer satisfaction, their requirements come first. We believe that quality starts and ends with our customers and we strive to always satisfy their needs. This is reflected in our business flexibility as individuals and as a company.

To engage the TQM philosophy, quality originates with our staff commitment to the best products and best customer service – always. Through an active mentoring and training system, we make sure the staff has the knowledge and skills necessary to be effective. Our employees are empowered to take responsibility for their actions, which contributes to better total quality and success of the company. The built-in quality in our products allows GMS’ products to be more competitive and our fast growing company is the best proof.

In fact, we build special relationships every day with our customers, as well as, our suppliers. GMS customers, suppliers and employees work together as a team, and the combined effort ultimately benefits everyone.

AS9100C - Intel® ISG - Intel® DCG - UL®

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